Friday, February 26, 2010


About five days ago I got a call from my friend, mentor Andrew Lai, asking me to meet up with him to discuss about a poster illustration for FUSION 2009, a church outreach even that takes places annually. The theme was  THEN,NOW,THERE, and we came up with the concept of having the past, present and future image of a person. 

photo resource for the unsure future representation. of someone answering god's calling through faith. I nearly lost sleep over the drawing of fingers. I hate/love drawing hand gestures; it's something I try to look forward to learning.


illustrations drawn using chinese ink and pen nibs. I would like to learn to use nibs more delicately to create more fluid lines.

He resent it to me with a touch of magical post production. I really liked this version. Andrew wasn't convinced though, so i tweeked the work abit and resent it to him for the final colour output.
final post production by andrew lai. Both of us agreed that it looked pretty cool. I commented about how the red reminds me of the AKIRA comic series.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I got a message from a friend in church one day asking me to design a logo crest for the YouthMinistry's Tchoukball team, and he very kindly email-ed me the sketch and the requirements for what he wanted. Being a procrastinator I forgot about it for about half a week before finally rushing it up in one full day. It was fun taking inspiration from old woodcut pictures and illustrations and using simple shapes to represent things in the individual sections of the crest.

 above are is the original sketch by Song Yang and the photoshopped version by me respectively. the images are (from top left clockwise) the bell tower from our main church building (Wesley Methodist), the Vanda Miss Joaquim, a Tchoukball player, and the Fort Canning Entrance. (Right-click to view larger images)
Layout for the tee-shirt print. The final layout and font was chosen by Song Yang. Everything was done in Photoshop CS4. (Right-click to view larger image.)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friends Makeover

it was great fun and we all had a great laugh together. much thanks to nicola ng and juffrie with the photography, and kenneth, jermaine, pek chai and nicola for being such sporty models :D. Cheers mates!

FYP2- the 5 stages of grief

The Exhibition was a success by the way, thank you very much. but after that the workload continued with the designing for the dvd cover. A Big thanks to my friend Stace Tan for helping us as our module.

DVD cover for our fyp submission using 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Friend's Portraits from sketch book

had a chance to seat down and hang with my friends. had a nice time chatting with them and getting updated on how're things and all. ALSO had a chance to draw them in mini portraits. all of them were done in marker on regular daler-rowley sketchbook paper.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Favorite works.

While looking for more stuff to post here on my blog, I started to unstack my old sketchbooks to find any old pictures that I could use and found some waterpaintings I did whenever I could. Hopefully I could start again as it really is one of my favorite mediums (until I start earning money to buy other stuff and learn from others).

This one is inspired by the sherlock holmes story, The Adventure of the Copper Beeches.

I can't really remember why I drew this, by I kind of think that it was inspired by reading craig thompson's blankets.

I love alex pardee's works. his line work and imaginary creatures and colours really absorb your whole attention, leaving you staring at them with a nice blank feeling in the head. This one was heavily inspired by his work.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

quickies in five...

Usually I do these quick sketches on the busrides home after meeting with my friends for a late supper using a Monami brush pen. I try to draw whatever I can in five minutes or less, mainly for the fact that the unsuspecting models may alight anytime or change their positions or even spot me eye-ing them from a corner. I got caught once and the "model's" brother told her to move and seat beside me instead. (Right-click to view larger image.)

I try my best not to fall asleep during the long trainrides from school to home because I usually like to enjoy the window view and avoid drooling on my bag. One main technique I've picked up from local illustrators (OIC) is to sketch people on the train. It's fun because you get to stylize people's faces and stuff, and it's a great challenge trying to do so in under five to ten minutes.
there are other few I've compiled in here that are sketches of my friends from church. I tend to get a little daydreamy during group sharings so I focus by drawing abit in my sketchbook
Once again I use the Monami brush pen. (Right-click to view larger image.)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Character Design

most of these were done during my free time or for module classes like Sequential Art & Motion Graphics or for Character Design class. They range from different themes and background stories. during my free time I enjoy just roughly thumbnailing characters for future use or for my own projects.

I usually don't like to draw heavily weaponed characters and stuff, but I am a fan of desert punk style. When I do feel the craving to draw characters sometimes I turn it around and do more space explorer theme ones instead of space i-wanna-blow-your-planet-up-with-a-honkin'-huge-plasma-laser-submachinegun theme.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

FYP1- Comics Creation

For my first fyp my team and I were given the opportunity to create a short comic book. Our leader based it on the theme of the local school event Be Yourself Day, and concepted three main protagonists with three very different personalities to come together over an incident involving Be Yourself Day. My role in the team was the comic artist, and I used mainly brush pen and ink to draw out and conceptualise the characters and the layout of the comic.
Using a stikfas figure as my guide, I sketch out perspective drawings and figure gestures. One of the most valuable lessons I learned in the Final Year Project was that no matter what you have, always sketch out a thumbnail of anything that you are not confident of for reference.
final page layout for the scene where one of the three main protagonist, a shy schoolboy with a stuttering problem, gets cornered by the bullies of the school and gets humiliated. I used pen nibs bought from straits commercial art store @ bugis and black chinese ink bought from daiso.
Final coloured comic page with text done by the colourist and editorial members, alvin wong, kim tan and abigail samuel. it's fun to see your black & white comic being interpreted and brought to life by the individual members' creativeness and imagination.

some character developments of students in the school. using brush pen and black ink, it was all about using rather basic shapes and adding on features to bring out different personalities.

character development for the faculty staff of the school. same concept used for the students, but this time I decided to add abit more character to their dressings and shape to bring out a sort of vibe from each staff member.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Portrait drawings

OICSingapore holds a regular Portrait Day portrait day at Red Dot Museum every 1st Saturday of the month. The customers just have to seat and pose for the participating artists for 15mins or so and get their portrait drawn, then they could select their favorites and pay a humble sum for their selections. Here are some stuff that I have done which did not get sold. They're my selected favorites though.